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F.A.S.T. Global Group is a specialized comapny, focuised on research and developing a new technologies and solutions in various medical treatment.



New Technologies and mobile medical solutions are our main target


We Offer new tochnologies and solutions to make your life easier 




01. Cadiac monitoring mobile systems

We are Offering mobile advanced solituion for Cardical Monitoring from EXEMED , world leading manufacturer advanced solutions of medicne.

EXEMED HOLTER and TELEMETY, s inovative advanced mobile solution for cardiac monitoring and control process. 




 Our company offers high-quality medical personal protection and special medical personal protection equipment, required for international supplements, project offers, to prevention and control of Covid-19 disease.

We offer medical PPE for Covid-19 disease monitoring, prevention, and control. we supply big project purchase, tender requests private orders.    


03. Medical Suppliments and equipment

We are part of a Global Trading Network, consolidation international trading companies and supplier , stocks and manufacturers, registered in Free Trading and economic zones.  

Network structure and geolocation gives Companies in Group serve any supplement demand in fast and competitive way in any point of world.


Proven Success



PulseGrid II is advanced and dual mode system. Ensures permanent, real time, mobile monitoring of ECG of patients and long-term registration by Holter monitor (up to 30 days) by one device . The system is designed to monitor patients in any location – hospitals and medical, clinics, or home use.



PulseGrid II consists of small, portable personal measuring devices TelePulse II and the Central System that collects and analyses data.

PulseGrid II System is a medical device certified in the European Union.
PulseGrid II is entirely produced in Poland. This product was designed in close co-operation with health care specialists and employees and scientists from Polish scientific institutes.




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New Technologies in Medicine

Research, Trading & Developing new technologies in Medicine. monitoring and remote-control systems.

Special and standart PPE

COVID-19 and Medical Personal Protective equipment. SUpply managment & Project suppliment

measurment and testing tools

COVID-19 related measurment and prevention  tool, COVID-19 quick tests. Official certification and aprovals 

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