Supply chain managment

F.A.S.T. Global Group of Companies



F.A.S.T. Global Group LLC  consolidates specific service comapnies providing particular or full package suppliments for compatative and cost efective Supply Chain managment  

Medical Products 

Medical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    Our company offers medical personal care and hygiene products for the prevention and control of Covid-19.

   Special COvid-19 Personal protective equipmnet for domestic and medical use.

   Our Group of Companies specializing in project  and tender procurement with over 8 years of experience of sucsses in medical trading. 

   Our trading network is based on sectional geolocations and give sposibility to exchange activities between manufacturer and supplier in time and with best quality.

Mask | Gloves | Goggles | Covers

Measurment tools | Sanitaizers


CoVid-19 test